Is It Feasible for a Robotics Gymnast Coach With Today’s Technology?

Is It Feasible for a Robotics Gymnast Coach With Today's Technology?

Robotics Gymnast Coach – While viewing the 2012 Olympics in London on NBC I was wowed by the execution of the US and Chinese competitors in jumping and tumbling, alongside the stop outline shots of the plunges, vaults, and floor works out.

It jumped out at me that we could without much of a stretch plan an automated mechanical mentor which would investigate, judge, and grade occasions, as well as work as a mentor by and by offering key counsel to enable the competitors to better themselves, and I prefer not to state it, however the mechanical framework I am imagining would be far better than the human eye, or a human mentor. How about we talk.

There was an intriguing piece in the Wall Street Journal as of late titled; “My Life as a Telecommuting Robot – Meet QB-82, A Skinny Robot With Bad Wi-Fi Problem, Testing the Boundaries of Remote Worker distributed on August 8, 2012 by Rachel Emma Silverman. Alright along these lines, go to Google Images and hunt “QB-82 Robot” and after that return to this article maybe.

Robotics Gymnast Coach

Presently at that point, would you be able to perceive how a robot like this could function self-sufficiently, gathering video, breaking down the competitors by and by. All the video would be downloaded to the cloud for later audit by the competitor. When the competitor made ideal scores on different jumps or acrobatic schedules, suppose 10 out of a column, at that point they’d have the capacity to progress to the following arrangement of harder schedules. The mechanical framework could play back in stop outlines, disclosing to the competitor where they turned out badly, in view of position acknowledgment, head edge, and how their feet, hands, and body were set at every turn.

Alright all in all, consider the possibility that we had one of these robots in each and every secondary school in the nation, or each acrobat school, expressive dance school, jumping school, and at forte summer camps. We’d have an Olympic group which would clear every occasion from figure skating to ski bouncing, and from arrow based weaponry to post vault. 

Is there any valid reason why we wouldn’t put resources into this? We’d keep the PC researchers occupied on commendable connected science activities, and help anybody and everybody who needed to exceed expectations in their game the devices they have to raise the stakes and take it up a couple of indents.

Envision the USA winning all the gold awards despite the fact that our country just has 325 million individuals to China’s 1.4 billion residents to browse? I’d state that would put forth a tremendous expression for group USA. How about we get it going! For sure, I ask that you please think about this and think on it.


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